Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Springtime 10k Goals

With my final workout in the books, a nice, short 5.5 miles of work with some great company, I am now focused on Saturday’s race. From what I've heard the Springtime 10k is one of the best road races in Tallahassee with 38 years of history. So I am definitely excited to race the course myself and experience the event. I also keep hearing how tough the course is. Hills, lots of hills, and “don’t go out too fast” have been the common themes repeated by everyone I've chatted with about the race. 
All that considered my main goal is to win the women’s race while also challenging myself with a few time goals.

Time Goal 1
Break my previous road 10k best of 35:24. (Yes, every course is different, but I am still determined this spring to keep bringing down my road 10k PR).

Time Goal 2a
Break 35:00 Minutes. (As runners we always see each minute mark as a barrier designed to be broken so of course I want a finishing time that starts with 34).

Additional time goals inspired by some Springtime 10k history:

Time Goal 2b
Break 35 Minutes. In Springtime's 38 year history only 5 female winners have broken 35:00 minutes in route to their victory. Only 4 more have broken 36:00 minutes. So breaking 36:00 minutes would still place me in the top 10 times of Springtime 10k female winners; which would be a nice accomplishment as well.

Time Goal 3(should probably be called ‘far out goal’): 
Break the course record.
The course record is an impressive 34:09. This is quite a lofty time goal considering my track PR is only 12 seconds faster, but why not put it down! Ultimate/dream goals are what make boring runs go by faster. So I’m going to let myself indulge in a little fantasy racing with this one.

The over arching goal though is to continue improving my fitness as I prepare for the Penn Relays 10k, my first track race in 11 months. And of course have some fun!

Springtime 10k History can be found here:

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