Friday, April 12, 2013

From Hilly 10k to Track 5k in 6 Days

Weaving through 5k traffic at the finish. Photo by  Fred Deckert
Despite the many warnings I received about the difficulty of the Springtime 10k course I definitely underestimated how hilly and tough the course would be. I got through it though with a solid time of 36:05 and a 1st place finish. It's 6 days later and I'm excited for tonight's race that will be quite opposite from Saturday's  (NO HILLS!). I am hitting the track for the first time in 11 months and will be running the 5k at the Seminole Invitational at FSU at 8:05pm.

My New Saucony Velocity 4 Spikes
The main goal is to run 10k track goal pace for 5k with hopefully a nice pick-up the last mile. This will be just the physical and mental practice I need before the Penn Relays 10k in only 13 days! I'm also excited to give my new Saucony Velocity 4 spikes a test run. I did some strides in them yesterday and I think I had almost forgotten how much lighter spikes are than my road flats. Ultimately, I am feeling pretty rested after a week of just mileage and the weather seems to be cooperating so far. Hopefully, it's a bit cooler by 8pm and the wind and heavy rains stay away. But in the end that doesn't matter since the whole point is to get out there and feel out the pace while also getting in a hard effort! 

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