Saturday, April 13, 2013

Getting Calloused on the Track

Photo by Amanda Winslow
The primary goal for last night's track 5k was to get out there and run 10k goal pace. I did that for almost two miles before it got ugly. I managed to salvage the last 600m, but I was not prepared for how tough laps 9-11 felt. That aside it was a great night. Nothing beats having your athletes and friends cheering you on and I was blessed to have a great group out there. It was also fun to be in the same race as some of our FSU Striders as they went after their 5k goals. I definitely feel more prepared for my 10k at Penn Relays even though my finishing time was only 17:01 last night. As my coach always says we need to get a bit calloused and that is precisely what I accomplished last night. I am now more calloused for racing on the track. Penn Relays should be an amazing experience and I can't wait to get in there and race. First it's time to re-charge and put in another good workout. Plus we're off to ACCs next week; which I can hardly contain my excitement about. I just love conference weekend! It's only a few times a year that an entire track & field team really comes together and I'm hoping for something special for the team, but no matter what the distance Lady Noles are ready to get after it. It doesn't get much better than being a coach and athlete; last night I was lucky to get to do both within an hour.

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