Friday, March 8, 2013

Gate River Run

In 24 hours my 1st 15k will be underway and I will be racing down the streets of Jacksonville.
A PR is inevitable. That's the one outcome you can be sure of when racing a new distance. 
Everything else is uncharted territory. Especially for this race since not only is it my 1st 15k it is also the most competitive 15k in the country since it is the host of the USA Road Circuit 15k Championship.

The main unknowns on my mind are:
What pace will they race go out in?
What will time will it take to be Top 20? Top 15? Top 10?
How will I feel?

These questions are pointless though.

Instead I will focus on the 'knowns.'
I have prepared for this race.
The long runs, the workouts, and even my half marathon are all components I have assembled that will play a key part in my success at racing this distance.
Racing my first half marathon five weeks ago has been great for my confidence going into this race.
I know that I can run hard for 13 miles and I felt great through 9 miles that day. Although I will be demanding a faster pace from my body for these 9 miles I know I am prepared both physically and mentally for this challenge. 

It's all about competing.
And I'm ready to go.


  1. Good luck this weekend Stefanie!

  2. Thanks! Great job on you marathon win last weekend.