Monday, March 11, 2013

Another Step Forward

Moving forward in running is always good.

That's a pretty simplistic and redundant statement, but it sums up where my training and racing are right now.

With such a busy schedule I know my own running is often first to not receive the attention it deserves.
Since struggling to balance my own training with my new schedule in the fall this spring has been a dramatic improvement.

I am moving forward.

I am improving from week to week and when I get the opportunity to race that improvement is showing as well.
Gate River Run was a solid step in the right direction.
This year's elite field is probably the most competitive field I have ever raced in.
Despite letting myself get pulled out too quickly for the first two miles and definitely paying for that the last two miles I am quite pleased with my overall performance.
Looking ahead to my season goal of competing well at the US Half Marathon Championships on June 22nd I am one step closer. I actually set a new road 10k PR through 10k. This is great because my road PR has been 2 minutes off of my track PR which is simply ridiculous on my part.

Gate River Run:

5k: 17:35
10k: 35:40

Overall Time/15k: 54:07, 5:49 average pace.

Avg Pace

Competing in such an elite field was a privilege and it was quite exciting to have so many talented women to test my physical abilities against.
The weekend itself was also a BLAST!
Richard Fannin is such an enthusiastic elite coordinator and the weekend that he and his team put on was simply amazing.
It was also great to catch up with old friends and make some new ones too.
Plus I got some great advice from my fellow competitors on how to focus on your own training and racing.
Now its time to recover and get excited for the next step forward.

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