Friday, February 22, 2013

(Saucony) Surprises!

I knew this was going to be an exciting weekend when I boarded the plane in Tallahassee.
Conference Championships only come 3 times a year and only once a year they share the same weekend as my birthday.
What I didn't know was that I would be getting two early birthday surprises.
The first one came Thursday night & is very exciting!
The second came Friday morning & taught me yet again that as post-collegiate runner you have to be flexible.
Let’s start with the exciting news.
I am thrilled to have been chosen for the 2013 Saucony Hurricane Team!
I have always loved Saucony products and since college I have raced most of my road races & done most of my workouts in Saucony’s  Kinvaras (Best flats ever).
I can’t wait to officially represent such a great company & brand in all of my races.
The second surprise ruined my plans of using those Kinvaras for a track workout this morning.
With Blacksburg being coated in over an inch of snow last night a session on the outdoor track was not an option.
So instead I’ll be hitting the roads this afternoon for what has become my training bread & butter, a good ole fashioned fartleck run.
After some hopefully swift “speed-play” I’ll be off to the track to call out splits to the Lady Noles in their 5k & DMR finals tonight!
Watch out ACC. The Noles are prepared and on a War Path tonight. 

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