Friday, June 21, 2013

USA Half Marathon Championships!

In less than 11 hours from now I will have finished my 2nd Half Marathon. My 1st race in my new Saucony Hurricane Kit. And hopefully have a shiny, new PR!

New Race Kit with Sweet USA Bib
I have been anticipating this morning for over 4 months since before I decided to race the Tallahassee Half Marathon in February. All of my spring training has been focused on this race and I am quite happy to add that the weather here in Duluth has decided to help me out by being almost 20 degrees cooler than the typical Tallahassee morning. (Fingers crossed the thunderstorms don't get in the way of the start tomorrow morning!) So far I have been very impressed by Duluth, Grandma's Marathon, and everyone who helps put on this event (and the event hasn't even happened yet). I really like the course even though the fog got a bit in the way when we drove the first 6 miles of the course. Then over the past two days I have been able to do my runs on the last 7 miles of the course. Needless to say I am quite familiar with it. All of that considered I really hope my body hops on board with what I want to accomplish tomorrow.

My main goal is to run a new PR with my secondary goal to be top 25. Based on the results from last year accomplishing my secondary goal will mean I'll have to achieve my main goal. I also want to get out there and compete the entire 13 miles. In my first half I found myself alone after the half way point with over 2 minutes between myself and the man who finished ahead of me and another 2 minutes separating me from the man who finished behind me. Tomorrow that should not be the case. The race organizers have put together a sizable field and I can't wait to test myself to beat as many of my fellow female competitors as possible.
Not only do I want to push myself, but I also just want to have some fun! 
(Like I did Thursday with my mom riding Spongebob's Rock Bottom Plunge at the Mall of America)

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