Monday, August 19, 2013

Mapping the Mean Green Cross Country Course

My "work day" started early this morning out on the Mean Green Cross Country course.
Logging some miles using my Garmin to map out a loop
I was introduced to our course this past Friday and I have now begun laying out what I think will be the best course for the 2013 Conference USA Cross Country Championships on November 2nd. The course also needs to work for our Ken Garland Invitational on September 28th.
The course is on the practice golf course that North Texas' outstanding golf program has out grown much to our good fortune. Facilities will maintain whatever loops we determine as the layout of the course. (You gotta' love a facility that is purely maintained for Cross Country!)

Looking out from the start line
One of the key challenges is using the back section of the course most effectively. I also want to include the longest/biggest hill/incline we have access to that the old 5k course did not use.

The back loop with Mesquite Trees along the perimeter

WillowWood Street bordering the far side of the back loop
I'll be out in the sun this afternoon wheeling the course to more effectively test the loops I came up with. Right now the course is a puzzle I'm in the process of mastering as I map out a 2mile, 5k, 6k, 4mile, and 8k to all have the same start, main 1st loop, and finish line.
Wish me luck!

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